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Underfloor Heating Water Kits

At Touch Underfloor Heating, we offer water kits of the highest specification.

Our manifolds are made of stainless steel and the piping is made from a type of polyethylene called PE-Rt. This helps to reduce the risk of rust. All of our water kits are designed and produced in mainland Europe.

Water Underfloor Heating Kits

There are so many benefits that come with choosing to install a water underfloor heating system:

Energy efficient and cost effective

Water underfloor heating systems are regarded as being very energy efficient and cost effective. Using lower temperatures than standard radiators, water or wet underfloor heating can help you achieve notable savings on your energy bills.

Comfort & warmth

Wet underfloor heating kits give you a much more evenly heated room, as the warmth radiates up from the floor. Stray too far away from a conventional radiator and you can feel the temperature change. However, this is not the case with water underfloor heating, which distributes heat around your living space.

Greater Control

Water underfloor heating systems give you greater control in heating your living space. Choose your ideal temperature, where you want it and exactly when you want it.

Our water kits come with a 10-year insured guarantee and a 50-year warranty. Plus, a free design service, to allow for ease in laying the system, and UK based technical help line.

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