Underwood Heating Foil Kit 10.0m²

Underwood Heating Foil Kit 10.0m²
Underwood Heating Foil Kit 10.0m²

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£272.00 / 10m2 - 120Wm2 (5m² - 10m²)

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The Touch Heating foil is a simple solution for heating under floating laminate or engineered wooden floors. The wooden floor must not be nailed or glued.

Touch Heating Foil is simple to fit and involves no adhesives or glue. It can be cut to size (every 20cm length ways) to ensure an even heat spread under your wooden floor. The Foil must only be installed in dry areas and is not suitable for Bathrooms or Wetrooms.

The Touch Floor Heating foil is only 0.3mm thick and is 600mm wide. The foil should be placed on a minimum 5mm polystyrene insulation, this allows the connection crimps to be recessed and also provides insulation for your flooring and helps with noise reduction. 

The Touch-Control digital thermostat which is an add on to the kit, can be programmed to select a wooden floor finish which will activate a built in temperature limiter to stop the heating going above 28 degrees. 

The heating foil must be placed side by side with no gaps and should cover as much floor area as possible and the moisture barrier placed on top of the foil before the flooring is laid. The foils comes in set pack sizes but can be cut length ways every 200mm and packs can be combined to get the size required. 





  • Warms the surface of the wooden floor for maximum comfort
  • 10 Year Guarantee
  • Minimal raising of floor height as the foil is only 0.3mm thick
  • System can be cut length ways every 20cm to ensure maximum floor covering
  • Easy Installation as no adhesive is required

Kit Contents

  • 16.8m Microfoil heating foil - 120 w/m²
  • Moisture barrier foil 12m² -  4 x 3 mtr. 0,1mm 
  • 2 x 15 mtr. Double insulated connection wire. Black / Blue
  • 10 x Crimps
  • Crimp tool
  • Vulcanised tape 2mtr.
  • PP tape
  • Flexible sensor tube
  • Installation manual
  • Optional Manual Thermostat
  • Optional Touch Digital Thermostat & Sensor


System testing

In accordance with the latest European standards: SEMKO, CE marking (low voltage directive 73/23/EEC and 93/68/EEC/ EN60335-2-96:2002+A1).