Underfloor Heating Water Kit 45m2 - 60m2

Underfloor Heating Water Kit 45m2 - 60m2
Underfloor Heating Water Kit 45m2 - 60m2

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£621.00 / 45 to 60m2 Heating Kit (40m² - 60m²)

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The Touch Underfloor Heating Water Kit is designed to be fitted within the construction of the flooring screed on top of a foil backed insulation. This can be fitted in all areas of the house, and can be fitted with a 100mm to 150mm pipe spacing, to ensure sufficient output*.

Touch Underfloor Heating Systems are uniquely zone controlled by our wireless thermostats, allowing a simple and neat installation


Kit Contents

1 x Stainless Steel Manifold, 3 Port Manifold
1 x Blending Valve
with the energy efficient UPS2 Grundfos Pump

  • flow meters
  • blanking plugs complete with o-ring
  • water drain or fill valves
  • double metal brackets 
  • progress ball valve with butterfly handle
  • primary connection 3/4"
  • group connections 3/4" euro cone

3 x 2 Euroconus Connectors 16mm/2.0
3 x PE-RT Heating Pipe, 16mm / 100 metres

2 x Wall Expansion Strips, 5mm / Roll 25 metres
6 x Pipe Bend Support
3 x Tacker Staples - Packs of 100