Underfloor Heating PE-RT Pipe

Underfloor Heating PE-RT Pipe
Underfloor Heating PE-RT Pipe

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Almost all modern pipes for underfloor heating systems are made of cross-linked polyethylene that is formed into tubes. These tubes are predominantly used in building services pipework systems, heating systems, domestic water piping and insulation for high tension (high voltage) electrical cables. Built and Manufactured by Utubes Systems, in Holland for Touch Underfloor Heating.

The high performance PE-RT pipe of the Dutch company "Utubes Systems" is manufactured by adding chemicals to the raw material causing molecules to tie together; this increases the strength of the pipe.  PE-RT pipes have been successfully used for underfloor heating systems for many years and this 3 layer pipe is highly flexible, easy to use and has very good creep strength. As well, the pipe has proven great stability against stress corrosion cracking.


  • KOMO approved
  • 10 years insured guarantee
  • 50 years warranty
  • High performance pipe
  • Very good creep strenght
  • Great stability


Kit Contents

  • 14mm x 2.0mm / 100m
  • 16mm x 2.0mm / 100m
  • 16mm x 2.0mm / 120m
  • 16mm x 2.0mm / 240m


  • KOMO approved
  • Polyethylene of Raised Temperature Resistance Pipe
  • cross linked polyethylene - mixed low density polyethylene/high density polyethylene
  • three layer pipe
  • Thickness pipe: 0,933 g/cm³
  • Heat conduction coefficient: 0.4 Watt/m*К
  • Coefficient of linear expansion:0.19mm/m*К