Underfloor Heating Cable Kit 600w/4.0m²

Underfloor Heating Cable Kit 600w/4.0m²
Underfloor Heating Cable Kit 600w/4.0m²

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£92.00 / 600w Under Tile Cable - 52.2m (3.1m² - 5m²)

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The Touch Underfloor Heating Cable system is designed for heating tiled, or similar typed floors, within all living areas in your house. The Touch Touch Underfloor Heating Cable is the perfect solution where smaller or awkward/irregular shaped rooms cause issues when laying the popular Underfloor Heating Mat System.

The Touch Underfloor Heating Cable Kit can be upgraded to include a fully programmable Touch Digital Thermostat.


  • Economically Warms the entire surface of the Tiled Floor
  • Easy Quick Installation
  • Comfort Heating
  • Fit it and Forget it

Kit Contents

  • 52.2m Heating Cable
  • Instruction Booklet
  • 10mm Conduit Pipe
  • Optional Manual Thermostat
  • Optional Touch Digital Thermostat


The 52.2m Loose Cable System is constructed of a conductor and resistance cable. It is only 3.5mm thick and well able to withstand tough installations and is installed directly within the flexible tile adhesive.

The insulation covering of the heating element is made from TEFLON and the external covering is woven wire braid with a further PVC sheath making it very durable and 100% waterproof