Castellated Insulation

Castellated Insulation
Castellated Insulation

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Castellated underfloor heating insulation panels are designed to simplify the procedure of preparing the floor for laying heating pipes, reducing installation time with the profile panel assisting in quick and easy positioning of pipes. The sub-floor is laid with rigid thermal insulation boards which reduce downward heat losses and provide a base on which to fix the underfloor heating tube. The castellated panels are laid over the thermal insulation and the pipe is clipped into the panels.

Premium quality underfloor heating insulation panels from Touch Underfloor Heating.


  • Simplify the procedure of preparing the
    floor for laying heating pipes
  • Reduce installation time
  • Quick and easy positioning of pipes
  • manufactured using the Combitop deep-drawing process
  • improved non-slip properties
  • castellation on castellation joining means that there is practically no waste
  • the castellations ensure that the heating tubes are kept securely in place
  • one board for several pipe dimensions
  • the special castellation design enables flexible use  for 14 to 17mm heating pipes

Kit Contents

31mm Castellated Insulation Plate (£ 11.45 / 1m²); supplied per 13 pcs / 14.56m²

56mm Castellated Insulation Plate (£ 13.50 / 1m²); supplied per 6 pcs / 6.72m²


  31mm Plate51mm Plate

Board size: 1450 x 850mm 1450 x 850mm
Effective board size:
1400 x 800mm 1400 x 800mm
Effective area
:1,12 1,12

Grid (pipe spacing):
50mm 50mm
Nominal insulation thickness dL:
Total thickness with pipe holder:
Pipe diameters:
14 - 17mm14 - 17mm

> 30 kg/20 kg/
Impact sound reduction: 0 dB 26 dB
Thermal conductivity: 35 W/m²K40 W/m²K
Thermal resistance/U-value
0,31 m²K/W0,75 m²K/W
Heat distortion temperature:
80 °C 80 °C
Maximum live load:
75 kPa (7500 kg/m²)5 kPa (500 kg/m²)
Flexural strenght:
≥ 250 kPa≥ 100 kPa
Moisture proofing to DIN 18560:
Polystyrene (PS) 0,6mmPolystyrene (PS) 0,6mm

Pack unit per box:13 plates / 14,566 plates / 6,72
Box size (L x B x H): 1510 x 280 x 860mm 1510 x 280 x 860mm