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Underfloor Heating Water Systems

Whether you are looking to heat the bathroom in your home or an entire office space, underfloor heating water systems from Touch Underfloor Heating will do the job.

Our kits are designed for use in all kinds of projects, from new builds to refurbishments and renovations.

Each of the underfloor heating water systems is built from the highest quality European made and assembled components.

There are many benefits of installing underfloor heating water systems in your home or workspace. Such benefits include being energy and cost efficient.

As the heat is evenly distributed from the floor, the system uses water at a much lower temperature than the standard radiator. Radiators usually have to work at much higher temperature to heat the whole room. Making an underfloor heating water kit a much more cost-effective heating solution.

By using a pipe spacing of either 150mm or 200mm, these wet underfloor heating kits can be used as the main heat source in practically any room, giving you a comfortable and relaxing warmth that is evenly distributed across your floor.

At Touch Underfloor Heating, we supply underfloor heating water systems in a range of sizes. So, no matter what size room you are wanting to heat, we have an underfloor heating system that is right for you.

Shop the full range online today at Touch Underfloor Heating.

Kits include:

  • Stainless Steel Manifold (from 2 to 12 ports)
  • Blending Valve with the energy efficient Alpha 2L Grundfos Pump
  • Euroconus Connection Fittings
  • PE-RT Heating Pipe, 16mm / 100 metres (2 to 12 per kit, depending on number of ports)
  • Wall Expansion Strips
  • Pipe Bend Support
  • Pipe Calibrator
  • Heavy Duty Pipe Cutter
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