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Outdoor De-Icing Cables

At Touch Underfloor Heating, we have a selection of outdoor de-icing cables. These cables have been designed to prevent water pipework and other outdoor fittings such as waste pipes and stop cocks, from freezing over in the cold weather.

Frozen pipes can cause a lot of damage and produce a high repair bill which could leave you out of pocket. Avoid frost damage this winter with our outdoor de-icing cables.

Our outdoor de-icing cables are self-regulating, making them an ideal solution for any outdoor uses. The built-in bi-metal thermostat activates when the temperature of the pipe falls below 5°C and turns off automatically upon reaching 13°C. So, not only do you prevent pipes from freezing, but also help minimise your energy consumption.

Our outdoor de-icing cables are very simple and easy to install using the tie wraps provided. The main benefit of installing a set of frost free cables is the prevention of pipe work freezing. This, in turn, helps you to avoid the costly repairs of burst pipes.

With relatively low running and initial installation costs, outdoor de-icing cables from Touch Underfloor heating, offer a safe and reliable solution to frozen pipes for both commercial and private uses.

The UK is no stranger to cold winters. Protect yourself from a headache and the unwanted costs of a burst water pipe with our outdoor de-icing cables.

For frost free pipes this winter, get your de-icing cables online today from Touch Underfloor Heating.

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