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Mirror Demisting Foils

We've all been in that situation where you step out of the bath or shower to find your mirror all steamed up. No amount of wiping with your towel is going to help. All it does is leave a streak of wetness across the glass.

If you're fed up of steamed up mirrors in your bathroom or wetroom, then the mirror demisting foils from Touch Underfloor Heating are for you.

Our mirror demister pads will keep your mirrors steam-free. You can apply your make up, shave your beard or fix your hair with confidence in a clear mirror that is completely free of mist!

Mirror demister foils work by gently heating your mirror to a temperature that ensures condensation doesn’t form on the reflective surface. Giving you a clear and steam-free mirror when you need it most. These demisters are simple to install as well as being completely safe. The self-adhesive backing allows you to attach them with ease to the back of the mirror. No need for drilling or cutting!

Our mirror demister pads are simple and easy to install as they require no extra equipment. With a 10-year guarantee, you can enjoy mist free glass for a long time to come. Browse our selection of mirror demisting foils online today at Touch Underfloor Heating.

When measuring for your demisting panel, it is important to remember the panel you need for your mirror must be 40mm smaller than the mirror itself.

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