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Electric Underfloor Heating Kits

An electric underfloor heating kit uses a series of electric wires which are installed beneath or within your flooring to heat an area or room.

In recent years, electric underfloor heating kits have become increasingly popular. This is due, in part, to benefits such as energy efficiency, compatibility with different types of floor and the fact they are suitable for every type of project, from a new build to a refurbishment.

Touch Underfloor Heating can offer a variety of electric underfloor heating kits to suit most types of builds and subfloors.  Each of our products has a detailed description of where and how you can use them. 

We can supply a floor heating solution for a bathroom, kitchen, conservatory or office space.  We also have a wealth of experience in supplying large scale commercial projects.

All the kits from Touch Underfloor Heating now come with our new Touch Control Thermostat.

Under Tile Heating Mat

The Touch Under Tile Heating Mats is designed to be placed directly underneath a solid floor finish. It is completely waterproof and earthed sheath, making it suitable for installation in wet rooms. 150w/m2, Lifetime Warranty Available.

Under Wood Heating Foil

The Touch Under Wood Heating Foil is designed to be placed directly beneath a laminate or engineered wood flooring without any adhesive. 120w/m2. It is not suitable for installation in a wet room.

In Screed Heating Cable

The Touch In Screed Heating Cables are designed to be installed within the floor screed. Suitable for installation within a new build or renovation. 50w-200w/m2. Lifetime Warranty Available.

Under Tile Heating Cable

The Touch Under Tile Heating Cable is most useful for small tricky areas, including areas where a mat system would not be suitable. Easy to fit.

Extra Information

Electric Underfloor Heating systems are cheaper and easier to install than water based systems.  We advise you check with your flooring manufacturer to check compatibility.  Always use a flexible 2-part adhesive and grout that is compatible with underfloor heating.

All electrical connections should be made by a qualified electrician.

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